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From: Jake Harper
Subject: Forget About It 2{Forget About It is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above
the age of 21. If you want a cartoon preteens nude story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This
is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in
realistic balance in the characters' lives.Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely
accidental. If you are a underage, (according to your state laws as a
minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your
viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are
reading it, stop reading the story.This story cannot be distributed in anyway, shape or form without my
expressed preteen japanese nudes consent.}* I have to apologize for the first chapter. As you may have noticed I'm
new to this but I have been reading stories on this section and have grown
a liking for them as I'm hoping you will do for my story. I'm open to
emails from you guys just make sure you put the story name as the subject.
Thank you! Now we continue the story. *
Forget About ItChapter 2: Long Past Forgotten(Jake's view)"Jake, I'd like to re-introduce you to my son Ben. It's all really
confusing right now so I have to apologize." Charles said as his son, Ben,
reached out his hand to me.Ben looked to be around the same age as me, 17, estimated height around
5'7. He has bright blue eyes that I had no problem getting lost into."Oh, hi,' I say as I take his hand. He sort of chuckles giving me the
feeling he has a great preteens ed teens
sense of humor. "Well," Deborah says to my aunt Jackie, "how bout' you asian no nudepreteens and Jake
come over for dinner tonight preteen face fuck at my house so we can catch up on things that
have been going on in Jake's life as well as ours.""Yea, moms making her `world class' spaghetti." Ben says, laughing to
himself afterwards. "Well Deborah, thank you so much. That'd be nice, ay nude uncensored preteen Jake?""Umm, yea sure. Will I have to bring my own meatballs? Ha ha." Everyone
laughs and we all say see you later to one another.I walk into my aunt's house for the first time in a looong time. From what
I can remember, my aunt has always been the spoiled type. New appliances as
well as furniture sprawled all over the place, leaving me in awe. Dad had
loads of money yet we always appeared as if we were poor when it came to
interior decorations. I'm glad to be moving on to bigger and better things,
kind of like the 60' flat screen TV hanging on the wall."Ok Jake, I know you're upset that this place isn't as great as it could be
but.... what do asian no nudepreteens
you think?" "Are you kidding me? This place is amazing aunt Jackie!""Well I'm glad you like it but I think you'll like it even better when you
go look in the room you will be staying in..." preteen nude guestbook
"Which room?! Which room?!""Downstairs! Go! Run!"I pick up my feet and run towards the basement door. I open the door rand
run smack dab into the pantry."Wrong door honey..." "Right, I knew that..." I say, scratching my head.I run to the right door this time and hustle down the stairs. Ahh!!!! Room
is amazing! I have a queen size bed, 50' flat screen on the wall across
from my bed, walls are blue which is my favorite color, got a bar type
thing going on on one of the walls and on the other wall a built in
couch. I know I'm going to love living here for.... how long? Oh right, all
summer! I just recently graduated last week and boy preteen on underwear did it feel great. Omg!
There is a Playstation 3 in my room also! AHHHH!!! Lord knows I'm a video
game junkie.(Ben's view)Who was that?? I have to know him from somewhere. Summer camp last year?
No, couldn't be. Comic book convention? Ooo. Not even I wanted to be
there. Ugh where do know this guy from?! I guess ill find out tonight
seeing as he's coming over for dinner. dreams photo preteen Oh crap! I invited Dustin to come
over for dinner. Great! Now I got to call him and tell him dinner is
off. Maybe he knows this guy Jake. Oh fuck... did he give his last name? I
suppose not since my parents already knew him. I dial Dustin's number. He
picks up after the third ring as most people do. Ha ha. I'm weird."Hello?" Dustin says. "Hey dude. Sorry, dinner is off for tonight. This guy, Jake,
yea he is next door now. Looks like he's moving in or something. Idk but my
parents invited him and my neighbor to come over tonight. Supposedly I
already know him but I ain't got a damn clue as to who he is.""Oh well I hope you find out. I think it's a little weird that he knows you
and you don't know him." "Oh I don't think he knows me. He kinda looked at me funny when
we shook hands.""Well even more creepier! Ha ha listen I got to go. Mom is calling me to
take out the trash. Good luck tonight.""Yea thanks."As soon as I hang up I get ready for tonight. I have to take a
shower. Teenage boys stink, me included. I hop in the shower and wash up
really quick. When I get out there is a knock on my bedroom preteen free fotos door."Ben! Hurry up! I need you to help set the table!" "I'm coming! Just a minute!"How many people are needed to set up a table? Jeeze.After I get done with helping out , there is a knock at the door. I go and
get it and let Jackie and Jake in. Ha ha the have similar names.Dinner is now over and we are all sitting and talking."Jake, Ben. I guess its time to spill the beans on you two." Dad has such
a way with making things so awkward sometimes. "You two grew up
together. Ever since you were little babies from the hospital you guys were
the best of friends."Jake and I were friends? For how long did that last because I sure as hell
don't remember.As if he read my mind, Jake asks, " Really? When did we stop being friends?
Did something happen?""Well... I don't like to say it but, your parents started getting into huge
fights with each other and ended up getting a divorce," Mom said. "Their divorce caused our friendship to go down preteen bathingsuit models the drain?" I
ask."Well actually, Jake and his preteen cameltoe mom moved out to L.A. and that's the last I
heard of Jake and his family," Dad says.Hmm. So him and I used to be sandbox youngest anal preteen
buddies ay? I wonder why Jake came
back preteen bathingsuit models
then...(Jake's view)I used to live with my mom. From as far back as I remember I've always
lived with my dad. Huh... That means my mom gave me up then...just like my
dad. Was I really that bad or were my parents just that irresponsible to
not take care of their own child? My life was screwed."Jake, honey, would you like to take Ben over to the house so you two can
play video games while us adults start talking about lifeless, pointless,
meaningless..." sexy preteens usenet "I get the point. Thanks. Yea sure if he wants."Ben answers, "Yea sure lets go."I really hated it when she called me honey but I guess she needs something
to help her cope with the fact I wasn't four anymore. Anyways...Ben, my
old friend? Crazy idea considering he looks likes a major class hottie. My
girlfriend would probably go nuts over him if she weren't already
taken. But she is so no need to worry. No need to worry anyways since she's
still in New York. Damn you Missouri!(Ben's view)Jake? Me? His aunt's house? Alone? I guess I better ask this kid if he's
gay pretty soon or this could turn into a bad situation for me."Hey Jake? Question. Are you gay or bi or something?" "Well I'm not a lesbian if that's what you're asking..." We
both give out nervous laughs. "No I'm not gay or bi. I actually have a
girlfriend back in New York. I miss her so much!""Great then we both share something in common." "Yea. What about you? Do you have a girlfriend?""Yes... oh wait. No" "What?""Well, the thing is. We just broke up last week, but she seems o like me
still so we are flirting in a way to each other." "Oh well that's... complicated...""Ha ha. Tell me about it. So is...?" "Monica.""Is Monica ok with you being here?" "I'm not sure actually. She does get pissed at the smallest
things and this is sort of huge.""So maybe we both don't have girlfriends anymore." He laughs then playfully
punches me. "Way to be positive Ben!" We laugh together.By this time we are in his amazing basement bedroom. preteens porn videos It's way better than
my rinky-dink bedroom by far. So jello right now. "Ben watch out for my..." by then, its too late as I trip over
a book and fall on top of him, tackling him to the floor."Shit! I am so sorry!" "It's ok," he struggles to say. "May you please get off me
now?""Oh right."For a while, when I was on top of Jake it felt almost...comfortable, like
he was a giant stuffed bear. Boy do I sound like the biggest creep right
now. "Not even the second date and you manage to bring me to the
floor," he jokes and laughs. I join in too after five seconds on pondering
whether he was serious or not."Jake..." I say nervously, as I realize preteen japanese nudes
I'm bout to get hellza stupid. preteen nude guestbook "Umm yes Ben. Ahe.""Can I..." "Don't tell me I turned you gay just now," he says jokingly
again."No, ha ha," I say coming back to my senses. "Just wanted to get the ass
kicking done before 12. Are we gunna play or what?" "Ha ha of course dude!"
* Ok so what did ya think about both of them being "straight"?Haha thought I'd add a twist into the gay section. I'm open to suggestions
on this story so just email me at jakeharper50yahoo.com and don't forget
to put the title as the subject. Comments and concerns are also
excepted. Have a good one! *
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